Luxury Apartments Available.

Whether you're here in Gambia for a short while or plan to stay for a little longer, we're ready to welcome you into one of our modern, affordable apartments. 


All apartments include...

When you stay with us you'll be within walking distance of endless sandy beaches, wildlife attractions and some of the finest restaurants and bars across the ‘Senegambia Strip’.

Palm Trees Beach View

Ready to book your stay?

Stay in one of our luxury apartments for the month at $1500 or just $100 per night.

Need to stay longer?

We're able to offer stays up to a year, click here to start the process.

What do our tenants say?

My stay at Suluko Luxury Apartments was a very unique and unforgettable experience for me. I had a wonderful 4 day stay from October 4th to October 9th 2021. The services were excellent, the staff were professional and the amenities were up to standard.


I did not miss the USA because everything in the hotel was like the USA. I actually did not see any area to improve on because everything was just right. The housekeepers were great, internet was good and electricity was constant. Above all, the hotel manager, Ms Keturah was very helpful and gave me her personal number for any help I needed.


Overall I will give this hotel an A+ or Five Star ratings. Check them out whenever you visit The Gambia, no problem.

Isha Anita Mansary, Phoenix AZ, USA

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